art is work


I know what I’m talking about.

And that’s why I could tell you a lot about my super technical gear I use to produce these soundtracks. But most of you would find it boring, and you’d also be right.

Have a look instead at the tracks listed to be soon on air. A lot of them are for the fantastic ARTE-TV, a broadcasting station in French-German cooperation. They are producing wonderful documentary films from all around the world. Let me invite you to watch and listen to some of them. A few movie-clips are embedded into this page.

Take a look into the archive, if you’d like access to films that have already been broadcasted. Most of them will be re-played again in future broadcasts. You will also find some of my radio productions there, including jingles and audiobrands for different European radio stations.

So, have a good time and enjoy this site!
All the best to you – Markus Wegmann

Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in my work.
If you insist, I’d even talk about the hardware ;-).